Monday, February 04, 2008

A good Sunday

A baby and an uncle<3

Awww lookit<3 I had a woooonderful day today, I got to see almost every person that I love. Last night we were working on cleaning out the spare room for Florian and Ed stuck his acoustic guitar in our bedroom. When we were laying in bed Ed played some and sang some. A couple nirvana songs that he could remember and we sang Asshole by Beck together. Twas fun especially with just the white xmas lights on, Ed has a beautimous voice.

We slept in pretty late and then met Ed's mom for lunch. After that we stopped by grandma's and visited with her, she was dressed all in pink and looked super cute :) Then we stopped by the pet store and got Guppy a fancy new covered litter box...Oooo ahhhh. Theeeeen we went to the fabric store and I picked up a few yards of fleece and a few new fat quartersss!!! Eeesh! I still havent listed all the stuff I recently finished.

Once we got home my mom, sis, and the baby came over. We watched the Golden Compass and I gave Acacia a bath. Then mom left and my brother-in-law came over and we played Rock Band while Acacia bopped around and sang (p.s. She's 1.5 years today!), sooo much fun! Now it's just me and Ed and before we get to work on our respective projects we're gonna devour some of my mom's homade tomatio guacamole and watch Cops...Ahhh a perfect day :)

Here was our Friday night, Oh and Bridget is now 29 wtf zomg! but we're not celebrating till next weekend.

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