Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day<3<3<3

Happy Day everyone! I'm so proud of myself this year. I made some special people handmade valentines. I watercolored thick wc paper a nice shade of brown, and then mod podged woodgrain fabric hearts on. They said "You're Tree-frific", and on the back a little message with a picture of us :)

We we're planning on driving up to SF early and going to the Exploratorium before Florian's flight comes in this evening but we decided we were both feeling too anxious to do that today. I needed a day to relax before he gets here and now I can go get my nails done!

Onto the gifts!

Last week when I was feeling crappy Ed decided to give me my gift early. He actually went to the mall and into Gap! I've only ever used the tiny plastic bottle now I ve got a fancy glass bottle :)

I made Ed this lil fish, he loved it :D I used a baby food jar my sister left here. I can't remember where I got the idea to do this I saw it on the internets probably over a year ago.

Sooo then last night after we shipped stuff at longs I was trying to stuff something into the glove box and it's full of junk as it is. I noticed a little white bag slid in the side, I poked it and didn't give it another thought, hahaha :) Then Ed says "what is that?!" Well, It was this beautiful lapis ring that I saw in a shop months ago. That guy I'm telling ya. We don't always celebrate vday or give gifts but this one was awesome!

This is our 9th Vday together. I remember our first one very clearly. He came over with roses,balloons,box of chocolates, 1lb. of conversation hearts, and a beautiful mermaid necklace, her tail was wrapped around a lapis ball!! Of course I was only 15 and had no job=no$ so I made him a jigglypuff(a pokemon) card out of construction paper. It was pretty cute and he totally loved it. Later in the evening when my sister's date made a comment about it being silly, he very seriously told him that he loved it and the douche shut up :) I love that guy<3


Laura/DaPFG said...

you kids are the best about your gifts. you were truly meant for one another.

Anonymous said...

Love the fishy jar, so friggin cute! What douche bag was that?

Danielleorama said...

Haha thanks Laura, we've been slacking a bit but when its good it's real good ;)

Sis- It was the weird military guy that was obsessed with his dad and ummm "the bed shaker" hahaha

LaurenSmash said...

love the fish doll face! :D

Hollywood said...

The fish is so great!! I'm appalled at all the jars of baby food I've thrown out over the years :(