Sunday, March 09, 2008

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We went to the midnight launch for Smashbros. Brawl last night. It is so f'ing awesome!! We played last night for around 2 hours. We fought each other,played the co-op story mode (only 12% done,so much more playing!), and battled people online. I wasn't even thinking about the controls being different, but they are so so improved. Also you must play with gamecube controllers,wii remote= :/ The first character I played with was Pit, I changed his color scheme to black so he was that much cooler :)He's a pretty fast character which would have caused me some trouble in the first game but I ran past an item and was actually able to pick it up instead of having to stop, go back a little, turn around go back a little more...........aahhhh so fabulous. We'll be able to play 4-player after Ed's roller skating party tonight!!

I'm still loving the video store and for some reason I think it's really weird. I think a huge part of it is that I waste no time commuting, I can leave the house 5 min before my shift. Also there is always something to do so I'm never waiting around feeling bored wanting to leave. There's no stress and when I get home I don't feel like my creativity is killed. Friday night I was supposed to work 4-8pm and when I got there they informed me that they needed me to any other job I wouldn't have agreed, it would have sounded like death but I had fun and didn't get out of there till 12 am aaaand that's with no break.....I recommended lots of movies, Annie Hall to an at least 50 year old woman who had never seen it!!! crazy.....

Last night we watched a documentary about deeply religious families who had gay children. I think all of them totally rethought everything they had been taught and supported their children. One woman, after receiving a "coming out letter" wrote her daughter back not very nice words, saying she loved her but would always hate that about her etc. he daughter wrote her back some time later telling her mother that she had crushed/killed her soul and that she would not forgive her.....then she hung herself. They showed a picture of her dead body. I really wasn't expecting that, they showed a few more too of other boys who had been gay bashed, dead and alive. I really wish I hadn't of seen those images. It was already powerful enough to me without them but I suppose for parents that would be a real eye opener. My mom is gay and I just can't imagine someone giving a crap about who she'd want to be in a relationship with. One of the mothers said one day she realized that what she felt uncomfortable bout was the idea of what her daughter did in the bedroom and she wasn't giving a thought to who made her happy and who she loved. People should really get they're minds out of the gutter....I try to imagine what it would be like if the majority of people were gay and being heterosexual was taboo, how it would feel when you realized you were different and had to hide it.

It's hard though because while sexually I don't think I would be fully satisfied it would not seem strange to me to have a relationship with a woman. I suppose it is because I think of a relationship as being partners with someone who loves you, you take care of each other and get through this world together. If it happened to be a woman that made me feel like Ed does well then so be it, you love who you love.

I felt a bit like an alien watching this film, most parents eventually came around and examined their beliefs deciding god loves everyone.......I don't believe that. I believe in that as much as I believe in Santa Claus visiting every house on Christmas eve...... I don't believe in "god" and while I hope that when we die there's something more it's highly unlikely and I can't help but be logical about it. It's too bad that as a society we can't be good loving people without someone making you feel guilty and scared if you don't. I have never done something to fear that I might not go to heaven.

I don't knock people for what they believe, this world is hard and if religion is what gets you through it then that's fine with me. I can't imagine what it would be like to have been raised with all these ideas. I'm sure it would be a huge conflict in my mind, being logical and all the while still having this fear that is ingrained was ingrained in me.

Anyway that's all I have to say about that......I just can't for the life of me figure out why being gay is the ultimate sin...

Scientifically and statistically some of those little boys pictured are likely to be gay.

"Ten years ago researchers made the startling discovery that the more elder brothers a boy has, the greater chance he has of being homosexual. For each additional brother that precedes him, a boy's likelihood of growing up gay increases by a third. At the time it was speculated that this was because boys with elder brothers are psychologically affected by their family dynamics in a way that influences sexual orientation. But new research published today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) shows this is not the case. The link between fraternal birth order (FBO) and being gay only exists when brothers have the same biological mother. Having older adopted or stepbrothers with a different mother made no difference to whether a boy turned out gay or straight. However, brothers sharing the same mother but raised in a separate family still exerted an influence. The discovery was made by Dr Anthony Bogaert, from Brock University in St Catherine's, Canada, who with a colleague first uncovered the birth order link with homosexuality. Dr Bogaert did not conclude what biological factors influence the sexuality of homosexuals with elder male siblings, but previous research has shown that genetics and the womb environment can have a major impact on sexual preferences in both men and women. Certain parts of the body are affected by the male sex hormone testosterone during foetal development. Clues from the shape of ears, fingers, eyes and arms all indicate that lesbians are on average exposed to higher levels of testosterone in the womb. Evidence linking foetal testosterone exposure and male homosexuality is conflicting and less clear, but twin studies have demonstrated that sexual orientation can be inherited in both sexes. Dr Bogaert studied nearly 1,000 heterosexual and homosexual men in Canada who had either biological or non-biological brothers."

The film explains it really well, basically our bodies become so adept at producing children that when a boy is growing in our womb our bodies see it as a foreign and will begin to produce more estrogen more estrogen trying to correct it.

But hey science and fossils and all that is just god testing us right?! Ha ha I kid....

Please know that whatever faith you are I do not look down on you or think your stupid, I could care less what your beliefs are as it has nothing to do with my life. I enjoy people for who they are so I hope you're not offended.

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