Saturday, April 12, 2008

I totally biffed it!

Friday night Bridget and I got ice cream and saw Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. I really like Frances McDormand and Amy Adams so I saw it, but if you don't care for them stick with the book it is, of course, sooo much better! I really hope Amy Adams plans on taking more serious roles because she just reminded me so much of Nicole Kidman<3 in this movie and I love her and don't see enough of her!

See the "bridge illusion" over the water?! Ooooo aaaahhh!

Yesterday was fabulous! We had the most perfect weather and we stayed outside for a good portion of the day, which has been rare. We took a walk to the beach when we first woke up, then we ate lunch. After that Ed took me to the gym. I did 11 miles on the recumbent bike on the hardest level/resistance I've ever done! When Ed picked me up we went over to Big 5 and bought a frisbeeish type thing. When we got home we tried it out on the street in front of the house and about 10 min. later I biffed it and now have a lil road rash on my arm and calve :/ I'm so extreeeme! We decided it would be best to play on the grass after that so we headed over to my sister's to see if her, Joe, and the baby wanted to join us at the school across the street. They we're just about to eat dinner so we went without them and they came over when they were through. I had the best time, we were out there for 2 hours! It was so nice to be out doing something active with Ed and he wasn't being distracted with work or his latest project. We even sat on the grass and smooched<3 I hope he is able to relax more in the future and this can become a regular thing.

WW with Bridget in an hour!

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