Monday, July 14, 2008


Life has changed so much in these past few months. Grandma is gone, but it still sounds weird to hear anyone say it. Death is still a new thing for me, and while I wasn't as close to Dusty when he died I was very close to grandma and I still feel her all around me. Dusty was somewhat expected but any life cut short is terrible. I'm so grateful for the long talks we were able to have with grandma before she passed and just lying next to her when she wasn't able to speak anymore.

Things are different in the best way possible. Slowly gaining independence and stepping out of the box I comfortably have been in for the past oh.....8 years? It's time to grow up, whatever that means :) I'll be 24 in a month and even numbers always seem to be the best years for me.

I sewed something for the first time in months the other night and it felt very good; a lil bear for a new man in my life, his name is Charlie and he's 10 months old :) Thank god for other people's babies! I watched Acacia last week and took her to music class. She is now exclaiming "Auntie" and "It's an Auntie" perfectly when she sees me. She's always very curious and throwing up her hands to ask "Where's the Ed?"

We saw Annie Hall in the theatre last week,that was wonderful, saw Hellboy2 eh I liked the 1st one. Saw Sleepytime Gorilla Museum too at the Brookdale Lodge. We didn't see any ghosts but we did meet quite a few characters. Apparently it's usually karaoke night and there was a plethora of lonely drunk men.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Melvins and Big Business this Friday in SF. I am sooo excited to finally see them.

We bought boogie boards and I got the cutest lil polka dot rash guard but it has been so cold ever since. Not fair, I must go in the ocean. We tried wetsuits on yesterday out of desperation. Omg have you ever tried one on?! what a struggle.

Time to wake up ed and pick up my paperwork from the preschool. I still can't believe I'm going to be a .....preschool awesome.

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congratulations on everything!