Saturday, October 04, 2008


Felipe Frog

So tired I feel like an old person. I went to sleep at 9:30 last night! I've been reading Dharma Punx and A Path With A Heart, trying to learn more about meditation and things. The first book is such a trip, the guy grew up in Santa Cruz and is constantly referencing places here where I too was not such a good teenager. Thank God Ed came along when he did! Tomorrow at 4am we will have been together for 9 YEARS!! Holy Crap! Its been amazing, especially the past 3 months, we have learned and grown so much.

Monday after school I'm taking a test for a position I'm applying for at the school I'm working in now. It's a library/media assistant. It would be 6 hours a day, more pay and benefits. It would be great since I really love this school. I'm trying not to stress too much about it, i know if it's meant to be I'll get it and if not there's something else waiting for me.

I finished To Kill a Mockingbird earlier this week. What a good read, I'm gonna watch the movie in a bit. I saw it at some point in my childhood and all I remember is thinking Jem was cute.

Tomorrow for our anniversary we're getting tattoos. I had the option of going out of town but I'd much rather have a tattoo and now that we have separate guys we get them at the same time. Ed will be getting more lines and a little heart for me somewhere :) I'm gonna get a traditional blue rose close to my mom tattoo. Not sure exactly what it will look like. I met with Chris today so hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised, I'm sure I will.

We took Acacia out for a bit today, down the Capitola Village for ice cream and then back to the house. I put on Wall-E for her but she was more interested in playing with my sharpies, then dinner and a bath.

Show you the tattoos tomorrow :)

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