Saturday, November 08, 2008


Soooo....I have some pretty good news. Last night at the video store I ran into a teacher I worked with a year or so ago when I was with Easter Seals, he is super awesome and reminds me of Bill Murray so it was a pretty fun experience. Any who I told him all about what happened and he said that he has hear NUMEROUS things about this guy and pretty much that he is a douche. He told me to go to the steward for the union at the school and talk to them and to see if I can write a letter of resignation since the whole thing is bullshit but at least I wont have it on my record. That made me so happy last night, especially since he commented on what a great job I did when I was in his class :), but really anxious since I have to wait till monday morning to go back to the school. Eep!

Ed's CD is doing really well, even his Etsy shop is being bought out! Ed's programmer friend Tommy is staying in town for a couple weeks. It's been pretty fun since 1. he is not Austrian (sorry Florian!), 2. he's not a jerk (sorry Florian!),3. he's normal(sorry Florian!).

Ed has been super supportive of my job loss and has been encouraging me to sew as much as possible. So for the next 2 months,unless I get called in for an interview, all the focus is on being creative. I havent felt so happy and fulfilled in a long time. Going to sleep late with Ed, getting up early and getting bagels, snuggling and watching :) <3

Today were taking Tommy up the coast, and this time I'll bring my camera since I totally missed out on the giant rotting seal that was there last time :/


Froggy w/lilypad!

Froggy w/lilypad!

Albino Quatropus
Albino Quatropus! I'm quite proud of this guy, i sculpted and painted the eyes :)

Albino Frog
Albino Frog

and last but not least a pretty little bunny named Lady.

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