Saturday, November 22, 2008

More like suck fair

So the crafts fair was pretty much a bust. I just feel lucky that I was able to make back my table fee and a lil extra(which I promptly spent at the fabric store after we left), because after talking to most of the vendors I'm pretty sure me and my mom were the only ones. It was still really nice to see people look bored and then see their eyes light up when they saw my table :) The majority of people were not my demographic. I totally called my first customer, I motioned to ed when I saw a mother and daughter who looked like they were probably from the west side.They fell in love with a poilu and bunny. It really wasn't a crafts fair so much as old toys and crap :/ I'm glad Glub Glub the fish sold, I was pretty positive that he was one that people would have to see in person. He is going to the baby of a marine biologist :) Violet! I'm so glad you did not waste your time or money coming to this!!! I would have felt responsible! I did however make friends with the ladies that were selling next to us, they make those babies that look super realistic. I had laughed so much by the end of the day my throat was sore, so all in all it wasnt a total waste I guess :)

We were supposed to stay till 4 but we left at 2 through the side door and there was no way the guy putting it on was gonna come talk to ed about it. Thank god for a tough lookin husband! Ed's support has been so amazing, he really believes in me and the stuff I make, I definitely see grandma in him and that kind of support is priceless<3 I don't want to veer off here but this post will be scrambled as it is...I miss Grandma so much, especially with the holidays coming up.

Last week we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with Tommy, still working on sizing the pics. Then I started reading twilight and have been totally sucked in. I didnt know anything about it but was desperate for something to read and $11 for 300 some pages was the right price. I'm now trying to pace myself on the 3rd book because I dont want it to end!! Eeep! we're going to the late showing tonight, i cant wait!!! Then Left 4 Dead came out and we spent 2 days at the office playing 4 player till midnight. Gah that game is fun! I love being able to hold my own playing games, I even got an achievement that none of the boys got, in yo face!!I guess I was pretty dead to the world last week. My mom was worried that I was dead, like they usually do when you forget to call :) Welp, I am so out of it I think I'll end this here. Pictures soon.

some new things for the fair

Made a few new things for the fair, all but one will be up on my etsy soon.

My table

My table, as you can see I didn't put too much effort into it which meant less pre show stress for me!

My mom's table!

My mom's beautiful handmade jewelry and delicious incense!

Ed in one of the creepy Elk's Lodge thrones

Ed sitting in one of the disgustingly creepy Elk "thrones".

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