Saturday, November 01, 2008

Uhh Halloween?....

Well i wont say Halloween was horrible but it wasn't really Halloween for me. Thursday after school I came home finished my costume,painted my nails etc. I started feeling a little funky so i lay down around 8:30pm and then went to bed a little later. When i woke up Friday morning I had a full blown sinus infection. I got up thinking if I drank some hot coffee I'd feel a little better...nope...the longer I was up the worse I felt. I was so looking forward to seeing my kindergartner's costumes and I know they were looking forward to mine aaaand I was going to be in charge of face painting, when I remembered that little bit I seriously cried :/

Gah I was so impressed with my sewing skills this year, I can't believe I didn't even get to wear my costume. Here is the only pic I took Thursday night when I finished the hat, to show ed at work. The cherry on top of the cupcake=me. I also made a fleece poncho with a flip up/down color covered with felt sprinkles.

The cherry on top of the cupcake :/

So i spent my day sleeping and watching season 5 of 90210, not a terrible day but I definitely feel like Halloween never happened....

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