Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is it over yet?

Roses from Ed<3

Awww! a gift from Ed for being interviewed for the GoodTimes<3 Anna Merlan from the GT came over to the house to interview me today, I was petrified but I think it went pretty well. The article should be out mid January. I'm extremely excited as you can imagine! Now I need to get some new plush in a shop downtown that will be mentioned in the article, I'm also hoping to make a pretty large furry guy to be in the photo with me :)

I'm so glad it will be the new year soon. Christmas is stressful of course, for me it goes from being excited to really wanting it to be over with. I've been making dead babies for Ed's shop like whoa and finished a few custom orders. I'm relieved to have all that out of the way so I can get these ideas that have been swirling around my head out.

While I've been sewing I've been listening to This American Life podcasts, they are sooo perfect for sewing. I've listened to a few documentaries too, the best being, in no particular order: D.I.Y. or Die, Protagonist, Helvetica, Please Vote For Me.

Hot Chocolate time!!!

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