Monday, December 01, 2008

Our little tree :)

Our lil tree

Good evening :) I'm sitting her with an upset stomach, I ate my sushi way too fast. I was super Hungry and me and Ed were talking about a project that I've been thinking about. I'm super excited I'm just not sure which direction to go with it yet, we shall see. Anyway instead of relaxing I went from excitedly talking to manically eating my dinner...ouch.

After dinner we parked at the office so we could walk downtown, get coffee and go to the art store. When we pulled into the little parking lot there were a group of 5 or 6 young "hippy bums" sitting in a circle and then 2 real bums in sleeping bags taking up the only open parking spaces....seriously it's so out of control. Everyone at the building has no problem with the main bum, who's been christened bummy, sleeping there but then he starts inviting everyone he knows and they make a mess and pee!! Ugh go awaaaay!

Anywho! here is a photo of our little tree we picked up last night. It still needs a topper and possibly some mini lights! I found those awesome pear ornaments at the dollar store!! I dunno why but I like seems strange even to me but I love them, it's a kitchen thing but why not for the xmas tree too?!

Tomorrow we go back to our regular schedule. I'm gonna miss Ed :( but i need my time alone to focus, I have tons of xmas presents to make and I know if I leave it till the last minute I'll get nothing done.

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