Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tree and Beaverling

Apple Tree Brooch

Apple Tree Brooch!

Garvy Beaverling

Garvy Beaverling

I made these guys today! I am loving making brooches, I just wish I had more wool felt!! Ungh must have the dream bundle!!!

Ed made me a new site and got me a new domain since our old hosting service seems to have dropped off the face of the earth and is in some sort of internet may I present to you!!

Ed's article came out in the Good Times today. Check it out, it one of the best ones so far :)

I went to my sister's tonight for some of my mom's delicious cooking. While I was waiting for acacia's bath water to run we were looking at "funny cat videos" on youtube. So we're watching this adorable scottish fold playing with something and all of a sudden it cuts to a picture of the world's ugliest dog with some kind of screaming happening. I was in shock so it took me a few seconds to cover her eyes and close it. We were all laughing and horrified hoping it didnt really register but all through her bath she was saying, "monster doggy" with a very worried look on her face.....great, worst auntie ever :/

Welp I have some dead babies to finish and orders to pack.

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The Millionizer said...

awesome article! i think i'm going to buy ed's cd for the bf for xmas.