Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ivy hearts


Blargh! This week has kicked my ass and today was no exception. Woke up to the alarm at 9am, what a godawful sound, it's been a couple months since I've needed to set it. Then i quickly scrambled around the house trying to get ready, guppy barfed at the last minute and i was cleaning it up when my sister got here so I left without eating...oops I realized this about 30min into working out when I felt funny. I went across the street to New Leaf, they only had greeeen bananas :/ so i got a kids cliff bar.the only one out of 50 kinds that didnt sound like a rich dessert, I do not want that in the morning. Drank coffee,waited for sis, then headed home.Got home, hopped in the shower, then headed downtown for lunch and stuff. Then the drugstore,craft store, and groceries. We relaxed at home for a bit before we picked up Acacia to take her to the mall. She loves the fountain!! We gave her a roll of pennies and she was in heaven. Back to my sister's to give the bub a bath. Before that i wanted to show A that thing where you draw eyes on your chin and then cover the rest of your face up, she wasn't too interested and instead wanted to draw on my face, which i of course let her do :) Then she drew a beard on herself "like Ed" and I drew a little curly mustache to match. She looked at herself in the mirror for maybe 20 minutes, trying on ed's glasses and loving her new look :) I took pics with my phone but sadly left it over there so those will have to wait till tomorrow.

I still have lots to do tonight, mainly getting orders ready and finished some items for the shop. Wish me luck!

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