Tuesday, February 03, 2009


What have I been upto..........Workin hard at the gym with my sis.I don't know if it really shows yet, but I certainly feel better.

I took Bridget out for Thai last night, for her birthday, OMG! She's 30 now guys. We has a really good time, laughing hysterically at god knows what. I envision us in our 50s painting the town red and frightening people :x

I spent most of yesterday cleaning this heck hole and organizing my sewing space, I tend to just grab and throw things when I'm working so after a busy week it really needed it.

Here's some new stuff:


Yellow Birdy Brooch

Bridget's birthday brooch

Billy Hedgehog

New prints-mine!

There might be more new things on my Flickr if you're interested :)

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