Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I think it was Thursday that I got this treasure in the mail from SkunkBoyCreatures. I absolutely love it, what really sold me was the "paw leaf"!

Skunk Boy Creatures

On Saturday we got a late start, B and L were both late!! I should have known :) Any who we had a delicious brunch at Zachary's and then hit the fabric store. I love hanging out with Lauren and getting to talk about plush and the "scene". I never get to talk about it with someone who knows exactly what's up and where I'm coming from so that's really nice. Me and L made shrinky dinks while B fooled around with some crochet.

Lauren's shrinky dink!

Lauren and Bridget discussing crochet *yawn*

In other crafty news here's what I've been up to:

Geneva Owl

Renard Poilu - relaxed
Renard Poilu

Lil' Clemie

Elephant Love Brooch
Elephant Love Brooch


I was so frustrated last night with food, weight, etc. I got the bright idea that if Ed joined WW with me maybe it would be a really good thing for both of us. I definitely know it would make us take it a lot more seriously, but I was afraid to ask for fear that he would say no. So I asked....and he said he would! Whatever would help me, because he sees me giving up, which is true 95% of the time I just think oh well this is my body now, but I'm no happy or comfortable with it :/

So yeah, this is good, I'm so excited to have him as my ww partner :)

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