Friday, March 13, 2009

A lil update...

So after seeing myself in the videos from Ed's birthday i had a rude awakening. I know I've gained a lot of weight but I didn't realize how big I looked, so since Monday I have done awesome and when I went to WW this morning I'd lost 2 lbs!! It's start and 2 lbs in less that a week is great for me :)

Resident Evil 5 came out today and when Ed gets home we will dig into it. We played the poop out of the demo so I cannot wait! Not enough cooperative games are made and we all know a couple who plays together stays together<3

Next tattoo....I hope...

Lastly, this will be next tattoo if my guy can do it in 2 hours, otherwise it will have to wait and I'll figure something else out. I weaseled my way in to going with Ed on Monday, he's already done 2 hours with me and that's just not fair.

Ok, I've got lots of lil easter bunnies to finish!

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Christine said...

Hurrah, congrats on 2.4 lbs! I'm doing WW too. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Your bunnies are freaking adorable. I have demanded that my fiance buy me one.

Also, love your new tattoo. Very cute/badass. :)

♥ xtine