Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Much better

Oh my! Last week was a nightmare :x I started to get a horrible sinus infection and I just felt sooo bad, I haven't been very sick since I've stopped working, staying at home is a pretty safe way to not pick up germs! After lots of rest, tissue, and mucinex d I am feeling great! So glad that's over.

Before I got sick I attempted my first Blythe shirt. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out and it was really fun to make.

Last Friday we didn't make it to the WW meeting, I decided it would be better to visit the Dr., but the week before that we went and Ed had lost a pound and I gained one....but it was "my time" so that's really unfair! I think this Friday I'll have better results.

We decided to cancel our hotel reservations for IGF and just drive up, so that freed up a but of money and Ed gave me the OK on a new Blythe!! Hopefully she'll be here this week!

Yesterday was Ed's birthday though I gave him his gifts early :) He said this is the best I've ever done with presents, and I really tried so I'm glad! I usally freak out and go for quantity over quality but my funds wont allow that anymore. I believe his favorite gifts were a black smith and wesson knife, cactus jack shirt, and 2 books on alejandro Jororowsky.

Back to sewing for me!

I'm feeling much better!

Ruriko Robot - commissioned

Ruriko Robot- commissioned

Deedee Owl
Deedee Owl

Bunny loves mushrooms brooch
Bunny loves mushroom brooch

Arbre - Commission
Arbre - commission

Elliot, My first try at an elephant :)

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