Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's been crazy and my laptop took a dump cuz I never let it do the updates...oops! So I had to order a recovery disk...but yay it's all better! We went to the Flash Summit on Sunday. It was kinda lame but Ed was on a panel and he rocked it, he also wore a tie, so hot! We wandered around San Francisco running into other game developers etc. and had dinner on Nintendo. Nintendo bought me a chocolate milk shake!

Tomorrow is the first day of GDC/IGF for us, and the awards ceremony will be in the evening. Coil's up for the innovation award. Ed is not hopeful, but hey! what does it matter. I'll be selling CD's and keeping all the monies.

Ed bought some butcher aprons and splattered them with paint for a Nintendo developer video he and tommy are doing. I wonder what our neighbors think :x

Meat Boy aprons

The shower afterward....

The shower afterward, I'm so looking forward to cleaning that up....I kinda like the crime scene look though so maybe i'll put it off.

Finally got my hair cut!

I finally got my hair cut/evened out, it was starting to get a little mulletty :)

Pictures soon to come.

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