Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello there!

Blargh! Today was filled with sewing machine lameness. I thought my machine was beyond me fixing it so I bought a singer at Sears...I liked the singer enough it seemed really heavy duty but parts of it are not convenient to use at all, anyway I wanted to see if my old bobbin thread would fit...the thing was cracked, that might have been my problem in the first place but I was so consumed with the inner workings of it. So I lubed it up, switched out the bobbin, messed with the tension and so far so good. How come it's always me that's wrong and not the machine! Watch it mess up as soon as I got back to sewing, guh I hope not. I am on my 3rd skinny Monkey because the first two got mangled in the chaos. Any who, here's some pics.

Skinny Guys!

Meet Tobias Hipposmith,Kat Kittington, and Max Pupplesworth!

My plush you pieces :D

Babette Beaverling, Franz Fox (the 2nd), and Olaf Owl
The owner of Shmancy suggested that we keep out pieces affordable since the ecomany is such poop! So I figured I would do just that. I did have 2 weird creatures started but I figured why not keep it simple and also people that haven't seen my plush before will get a good idea of what I do since these are shop staples. Good idea no?

Babette Beaverling

In case you wanted to see Babette's tail ;)

I bought myself 2 presents off Etsy for my birthday and they came on the same day!


I had this favorited for a long time and as soon as Baby D was born I ordered it!

Then a print from YaelFran that I have wanted forever.
Coveted Yael print!YaelFran

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allison j. sebastian said...

I love Kat Kittington's shoes, and babette is adorable!

Happy Birthday to you!