Saturday, August 29, 2009

We drove all the way to Salinas today , cuz Tommy can only get a prescription (for his vd) at Walmart. Now I know this a regular place for some of you, you have one close by, someone on my FL works there even (Hi!). But lemme tell you, this place scares me. The first time we went to one was in Sacramento a few years ago, so just kinda try to imagine what that would add to the experience, just like the commercials there were 2 elderly people there to greet us at the door. All we needed was packing tape, no one knew where tape was.

Today I was scared going in, mostly from screaming children outside and just as we walked in and I was telling the guys, look! there's no greeter here, this decrepit man bracing himself on a cart welcomes us.That's pretty much it, not very exciting. But explain to me how this place is supposed to be so cheap with 4-5$ clothes but a full size bathmat is flippin $22. I know you were expecting more from this story but I try to stay out of trouble these days.

Then we went to the Mall that has a Sanrio store. So so so disappointing, hardly anything there expect a big display dedicated to Kuromi? I think that's what she's called, a sort of goth bunny thing. She does absolutely nothing for me. I need a store just dedicated to classic Sanrio, even Pekkle can be there, but no Pichacco!

By this time I was disappointed,achy, and bloated. Yes I know, not a good recipe for shopping especially for clothes, but I wanted to buy something to cheer me up. I passed up Torrid because the people there are never nice to me, I'm not fat enough for them so they snub me. So I go to forever 21, I see they have a plus size section, the clothes get uglier and uglier they didn't look like they belonged in the store not to mention I went from the regular clothes, mostly way too small, to ginormous clothes. So either someone bought everything in the middle or there's nothing for me. I'll just keep squeezing into larges for now.

This is my sad attempt at blogging part of my day. I'd like to keep it up but lately it's been me home sewing with the kitties and Ed working suuuper long hours so there's no real time for shenanigans :D

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Emily said...

I'm new to your blog, from etsy because I checked out the candy corns. I just wanted to let you know I LOVVVE your cute designs and I checked out your blog and love the artwork on top- so cute! Did you create that? I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your work!

You are inspirational...


Emily Ann Selden
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