Friday, September 18, 2009

What I've been up to

Finlump <3 Sea cucumber

A new creature called a Finlump, and a Sea Cucumber<3

When the moon is full and bright and the tide recedes exposing wonderlands of tide pools Finlumps can be found looking for food, tickling anemones, singing, dancing and enjoying each others company.

Cookies for Tommy's ma!

Our friend's mom sent us some delicious choclate chip cookies so I sent these back to her in the tupperware :D


more mini!

Chip  Whiskerlick

Chip Whiskerlick, you gotta love tuxedo cats<3


his clam!

Monty Otter, I kinds want to get rid of the face on the clam but the husband likes it :/



Fire Toad!

Fire toad, fire toad doing what a fire toad does!!

Thanks for looking!


allison j. sebastian said...

so many cuties! you've been busy.
i love the little flame on fire toads back.

FeFiFo~Firedaisy said...

SO cute!! I love the sea cucumber! :D