Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy day of avoiding drunk people!

Yay it's almost the new year! The time between Xmas and January 1st is such a lull, i felt like i was on pause. I was gonna sum up the year, highlights, etc. but I'm too lazy so here are some pics from Xmas eve.

My first ever blanket/quilt. I had a yard of awesome flannel that i wanted to make into a blanket for Acacia and sewing squares of fleece together seemed pretty easy so there you have it.


Did you know that 20% of "break your own Geodes" don't have anything in them?! yeah so when Acacia said,"oh, it's a rock", she was right :) Not cool!


We got her a little makeup kit which went over huge since she is always wanting my makeup bag and it seems like i should probably not let her play with MAC. I just love the look on her face in this pic.


Harmonica! I love this expression too :) and yes I am a good sister and asked my sis if it was ok before I gave it to her.


We aint doin a thang tonight. We woke up super late, hung out at my sister's for a bit, Acacia gave us makeovers. On the way home we picked up a scale :x My idea is to weigh myself once a week and that's it and will be put away afterward, like my own little weight watchers meeting. We'll see next Friday if knowing that I'm gonna weigh myself helps anything.

I made this lil guy last week. I'm not sure what he is yet, I think I will have to make a few more to know what the story is here, but I love him so.


*Xmas pics on Flickr if you wanna see the rest*

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