Monday, January 04, 2010

4 for 4

I watched this lil ol guy today:) He's teething, but still amazingly pleasant. He loves the sound of my voice too so that helps, s'like rich golden honey right?? I walked 4 miles with him in the stroller, he napped most of the time, me thinks I need a jogging stroller.

Walking with a stroller is awesome because people don't know he's not my baby so I think, yeah I look pretty good for havin a baby almost 5 months ago no? i.e. exercising in public with more confidence. Also no one yells anything about "huge tits" and the like.

lil ol teethin guy<3

p.s. Moxie is back to her old self, stumbling around destroying hair ties and chewing on q-tips<3

p.p.s. Flippin hell my brains not working...Meat Boy has been nominated for the Grand Prize at this years IGF. 5 years ago Gish won, remember Ed proposed :) Also before I forget, Ed wrote this awesome list that i think anyone could benefit from reading,especially if you do something creative for a living, but yeah I read it when I got home from Bazaar Bizarre and I was like,"Fuuuuck...."

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