Saturday, January 16, 2010


I went to bed last night with a sore throat and it's still here. I get the hankering to play with sculpey every once in a while and was super inspired to after I saw JooJooLand on the etsy front page, so good! What frustrates me is getting all the little bits to stay on, like with the fox that tail is not attached :) so we went to the art supply store and got some fimo, i dont think it's any different but my sculpey is pretty old. I'm gonna try to make some bigger things I think that will help and make sure I score (scratch and attach) any little parts as best I can, as we were walking to the register Ed grabbed some super glue too :)

lil owl

big owl

lil fox


After the art store I got some strong coffee and we picked up dinner at sushi on the run. I'm feeling so smooshy<3 for Ed, I've got such a sweet guy that will take time out of his busy crunch schedule for me and doesn't even realize how often he opens my door for me, and he gets me supplies when i get a wild hair :D I love you bub. igf crunch

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