Monday, January 11, 2010

Everbark Mogwin

I stumbled across this Everbark Mogwin today. From what I observed they spend most of their time just hanging out. I saw this one nibbling on some red cap mushrooms, which surprised me but he rather enjoyed them. Once he was full he ran back up a tree with his strong stocky little legs. Then he dozed off letting his full belly digest in the afternoon sun.

Brown Tree Imp

I haven't gotten a chance to work on my unknown teeted creature yet but I'm looking forward to it tonight after I take a nap. I had baby Jack today *yawn* i actually managed to get a load of laundry done and make dinner too. I made the mistake of thinking it would be easier to walk across the street and get quarters just holding him instead of getting the stroller down and all that that entails.....but jeeze! also he barfed on my arm 3 times. Gotta love that guy<3

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