Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fabric + Horror movies

I went to bed feeling tired and then whats been happening is i realize I'm staring at the wall. Like now I'm not even thinking about anything I'm just i got up and took half a trazedone, i actually fell asleep but then I had a really hard time getting up and felt like a zombie for a few hours. I have circles under my eyes...oh well at least i got fabric!

Very rarely do i buy patterned fleece but c'mon OWLS! and i was digging this dahlia pattern :) I couldn't find it on the website for my local fabric store but here it is on Free Spirit.

Could not pass this fleece up!

Mmm numnums!

Harts Fabric

Oh but also before I forget I want to share some movies we've seen recently.

First, I saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox with my mom! Ooooh I loved it so much! Plus it was cheap night and now they give you free popcorn on cheap night too, whut? *high five*
The Fantastic Mr. Fox

The House of The Devil
Now for some horror Movies! The House of The Devil was good. What I really liked about it was how genuinely 80s it looked. It's very light Rosemary's baby-esque. It's pretty interesting to read up on satanic cults (wikipedia) and how there has never been any proof found that they exist. People that came out saying they'd been abused in santanic rituals were found to have dissassociative issues, kinda like people who say they've been made love to by an alien in the middle of the night :x Also the whole craze of cults was started by the religious right to get people back to church. So be good n'scared!

Inside. Super bloody! So good and over the top!

Dead Snow. Funny! and gorey and the zombies look good too :)
Dead Snow

Eden Lake. We watched this last night...I felt uncomfortable immediately and I wish I could unwatch it. not a fun one, just horrible things happening.
Eden Lake

Mr. Meaty
and a TV show, Mr. Meaty! It's so awesome, there just aren't "kids shows" with this much effort put into them anymore, more puppets pls! I hope they sell a collection soon because i CANNOT find any episodes anymore :(

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