Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hard day

Ugh...I had a hard day, still not sleeping well at all, plus a sinus infection, plus watching a fussy baby that just wants to be held or stood up= not fun!

Also maybe just cuz I'm sick i dunno, baby jack was totally creeping me out :D He started making this weird noise where he would flatten his tongue out and then be so impressed with himself that he would do it louder and longer. Then when i *thought* he was gonna take a nap i lay him on the bed in not very much light and changed my clothes very quietly and when I'm done i look over and his head is turned starin at me. Damn you! sleep baby!

On top of all that I'm soooo tired of being fat and uncomfortable so in yet another(hopefully successful this time) attempt to lose the weight I started a blog and I'm going back to WW tomorrow...today. I'm hoping that meetings on top of keeping a blog will help me be extra accountable(am i using that right?) So yeah, if you also have trouble with your weight/food check it out


Ugh I just really wanna get *everything* under control. I'm thinking I need to go to the Dr. to get something to get my sleep back on track because not sleeping well and getting up and 2pm but still being tired is getting a little depressing....

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pearl said...

you should go to a food addicts anonymous meeting, AA is the only thing that helped me stop drinking.