Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Still recovering from last week, you can read all about it here What fun! Also Moxie got spayed and that had me wrecked, at least people at vet offices are weird enough that when you cry cuz your kitty's getting spayed they don't even bat an eyelash.

The good news is she is healthy! she wont be going into heat anymore, she will probably stay a very small kitty, and she has a lil soft shaved tummy that is good for kissing<3 In other news I received my swap gifts from the skunkboycreatures swap!Thank you Janie!!xo It was really cool doing one that wasn't for sure going to be plush. Swap gift!

I have always wanted a banner, this one says my name but it's really hard to see in the picture(never ever call me Dani, i just couldn't fit the whole thing). I love it! it's hanging in the bedroom and I think I'll have to make one for ed to hang underneath it :)

swap gift!

A sweet lil guitar embroidery that's now hanging in our kitchen. I cant wait to show you what I made her but I need to wait till she gets it so i don't ruin the surprise :D

I started cleaning the 2nd room again trying to get it ready for Tommy. Each time I go through the closets i get a lil better about throwing stuff away. I just need to sell some books and shampoo the carpet, which I am so looking forward to, it's never been done in the 5 years we've lived here and it really needs it. Big news coming soon! aaaand we got Night Gallery in the mail today , how how how did we not know about it!?

I love how if i dont update for awhile or maybe its just while I'm pms'ing my brain is so fuzzy that my post seem SO disjointed...whatevs...

Here is just a fraction of vintage thread and buttons I have from Grandma<3 that i had tucked in the closet. Grandma's thread

Grandma's buttons

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