Saturday, February 13, 2010


Dude, I am so jumbled right now so bare with me.

Ed is working nonstop on a deadline for the Nintendo Summit in SF......we were gonna try and get tattoos tomorrow for Vday but I dont think we can fit it in. I already got my present anywho :) Kat Von D's book, I'm a sucker for women who seem to do so much and require so little sleep, i want my brain to work like that.

So ok here goes the rest of the month: 17th pick up Tommy, 22nd someone from Nintendo is coming over to film something, 24th Nintendo Summit, 25th Game Pro coming, mini doc? 26th I get my crown, as in i had a root canal last week during a horrendous sinus infection that is still hanging the fuck on.

Fun Fact: root canal = $2000.00 other than that cavity i was told my teeth look great but no more corn nuts! I wish someone would have told me that sooner, might have saved me 20lbs.

I'm still eating well but havent got much exercise :/

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