Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ed's Birthday

Well I think Ed had a pretty good birthday though it sorta revolved around me for the first few hours :/ I woke up having heart palpitations. I've had these little episodes before and my neck/throat gets sore and i feel out of breath, light headed and cant really move but it doesn't last too long. This time it lasted over an hour and Ed insisted on the emergency room, I couldn't really argue since it was lasting way too long. I knew it would stop before we got to the ER, but instead of feeling normal like I usually do afterward i was so wiped out. It was pretty crowded so Ed called our Dr. and he fit us in in between appointments and did an EKG. I'm totally fine, my heart is excellent my heart beat just goes off track sometimes and gets stuck when it's trying to speed up or slow down....We were both relieved, poor Ed :( but he did say it was a good gift<3 We got to read lots of highlights magazines in the waiting room too, best riddles ever! When we got home Ed had a Fed Ex package waiting for him. I dunno about you but for me Fed Ex usually bring boring stuff. This box was from Nintendo, someone awesome sent Ed the new XL DSi for his birthday, How awesome is that!? They aren't even out yet :D Here's a pic with him comparing the DS lite to it: Happy Birthday from Nintendo of America!

I already gave Ed his presents last month, whaaaat?! you know us! I gave him a good mix of fun stuff and grownup stuff.


LINDSAY said...

I had the same thing 3 years ago. Went to the ER, ekg fine. I started seeing a chiropractor and that cleared it up. Might be something to look into?

Anonymous said...

grr, i hate anxiety! * sending you good vibes * and PS i LOVE your plushies :D

Tits McGee said...

Sorry you had a shitty day. I hope you're feeling better! xoxox