Saturday, March 06, 2010

plush DUMP!

I made this bear close to a year ago, i was just to lazy to make his scarf and take a photo, but he rules!

Everything is cuter with a big head!

A sweet new owl.

Big Amelie - Custom
A custom big Amelie Catling with legs and paw pads!

Death's-head HawkmothDeath's-head Hawkmoth

Meat Boys!
30 finished "Beat up" Meat Boys


I got an email about making a llama.... even if the guy doesn't like it I'm totally still gonna make it, so cute!

In other news GDC/IGF is in a few days *barf*. I am happy however that we'll be staying in San Francisco this year instead of driving there and back everyday. We're staying at the Hilton so I'm hoping it will be comfortable but I'm still bringing our own bed stuff. I have a pimple beginning it's,what feels like will be a long life on my chin so that's awesome...

While we were in SF me and Tommy's sister ,Jamie, were gonna go to the King Tut exhibit at the De Young Museum, we were both so excited, so tonight I'm checking the times and we were gonna buy tickets, $27 plus cab fare for the KING TUT EXHIBIT, but hey guess what i see when I go to the website! An article on how king tuts mummy and mask don't travel anymore....BUT ITS OK because his grandma will be there and some fetuses....what the fuck?! So that's out.

Ok sewing now.

*Edit i just kicked off my sock and hit tommy in the face! I rule!

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Tits McGee said...

When you say plush dump-I read it differently. I thought you were saying you just took a very luxurious poop. Just Sayin'!!!

I have all of my fingers and toes crossed that everything goes well at GDC! I hope you guys have an awesome time in San Francisco!!! :) I'll mees you!