Monday, March 29, 2010

Warioware DIY

So today we picked up Warioware DIY, you can make your own micro games and it's pretty awesome. Ed was already totally familiar with it since he played it for 8 hours last month when Nintendo was at our house(hopefully that video will be up next week). I like it a lot and I have a lot of fun making the music and animations but I still can't remember how the heck to put it all together, I find it complicated but if you're good at following lots of steps you should have no problem :)

I wish you could see this video better! Ed's game is " A Day at Team Meat H.Q" where you tap me,Ed, and Tommy and we all go crazy. My first game is "Make Me a Sphynx" you have to tap my giant head to blow the fur off a cat.The second is "Feed That Cat" there's a skinny cat in the middle of the screen and a fish,baby head,and flower bob around and you have to tap the right icon, the fish will make him fat and happy :D

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