Friday, April 09, 2010

Kyle's place

So it's just me and Ed again getting back to normal life<3 On the way to drop Tommy off at the airport we stopped by Kyle's and had a bbq and did a little show and tell. We played Meat Boy, Spelunky, and looked at the design doc. for Kyle's new game which I cannot wait to play, so far it's like my dream game!

Before we left to Kyle's we got a package, it had a flag and something bubble wrapped in it. I knew who it was from right away but I wasn't sure what. A few weeks ago we shipped some comics and stickers to a fan on base and in return he gave us the most awesome gift. I know, I know War Shmore and of course I know there's no Iraqi freedoms happening but I know there's a lot of us over there who don't want to be and holding this plaque and reading the first line I couldn't help but tear up. I guess it's just something embedded in us. America FUCK YEAH!

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