Thursday, May 13, 2010


We've had such good luck with movies lately! Yesterday we watched I Think We're Alone Now, a documentary about 2 very strange, mentally not ok people obsessed with 8os pop singer Tiffany. We've been looking for this for a looong time. The guy who is on the cover picture is from Santa Cruz and the apartment that he was living in is near where we live and we actually looked in his very apartment before we moved into the place we're in now, it was super cheap but we passed on it because i found a roach trap in a kitchen drawer. It was entertaining but also a little depressing to have that close a look into a crazy person's mind.

Tonight we watched Little Lady Fauntleroy. We first saw James(now Lauren) Harries in Bizarre Magazine....he and his family are pretty fucked...If you're in the UK you probably know about him/her and maybe saw this on TV yes?

Then we watched What do you say to a naked lady? We first found out about it a few years ago when we watched all the early Candid Cameras, but we couldn't find it anywhere. Allen Funt is suuuch a pervert, but it was awesome.

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