Saturday, May 01, 2010

Remember the 90s *sigh*

Making toys makes me really happy, I'm pretty sure this is because I LOVE TOYS! I was a toy junkie when I was little and my mom can attest to this. I played with dolls until I was turning 13 and I would have longer if I could have but it stopped being fun and I was extremely sad about it. Here are a few toys that felt magical when I was little.

Oh goooood! Magic Nursery Dolls! I loved them so much, I even had twins once. So you would get your doll and you wouldn't know if it was a boy or girl and you'd drop this little rice paper packet into water to find out, it was awesome :D also their eyes would close with warm water and the heart on their cheek would disappear too i think.

Quints! I'm not totally sure why I liked these, i think because they were intricate with all their little parts, but I think it was mainly the commercials and the photos on the back of the box.

Puppy Surprise! Oh man I wanted one of these so bad! and I almost didn't get one. My mom had not seen the commercials and i guess when I explained it to her it sounded really gross and she was totally against it, I'm not sure what changed her mind.

I loved me some Polly Pockets. I would take them with me to school and open them and I could just sorta escape into my own world, I loooved them. The new ones are so gross, her head is big, she has "real" hair...whyyyy? This toy also inspired me to make my own version. When I was six I took home(rescued) a pinto bean that was serving as a counting manipulative in my 1st grade classroom. I named him Edger and made him a luxurious home in a mini suitcase.

Baby Alive. I spent so much money on this doll! I bought it real baby food,diapers, and clothes at the thrift store. You were really only supposed to give it water, so i would have to thoroughly rinse her after i fed her so she wouldn't stink. Now look below at the new version they have. What the fuck is with those alien eyes and mouth, it's supposed to look like a doll not a plastic surgery victim. Its like all toys have undergone Bratz makeovers and are not cute anymore :(

I almost forgot Water Babies. I was in heaven when I saw this commercial! I loved the way they smelled and how warm they were if you filled em up with hot water.

Do you remember any of these?


Anonymous said...

I remember Quints! my sister had them and id always steal one, color its face black and put it back in with the rest of them a week later.

LaurenSmash said...

I liked the quints the best too. :) The thought of 5 babies at once was horrific.

thieving_pirates said...

i had a puppy surprise! And loved it at the time...but now honestly it seems a little weird! lol :)

Danielleorama said...

They're all pretty strange when you think about em huh? :)

Anonymous said...

I looved Polly Pockets:) I didnt know about the puppy suprise, but i'm pretty shure I would have loved to have one. I got one of those pragnet Barbies though, I cut of her hair and maid her climb a mountain (the huge rock in our garden).. Guess I wasnt a very girly girl, i usualy just climbed things, haha.

LINDSAY said...

Puppy Surprise! I totally forgot about those. My daughter would LOVE it. Heading over to ebay...