Thursday, May 13, 2010


So ok...I followed this article on the aol front page Oprah has a life changing epiphany: "I'm never dieting again".  After reading it I felt like I have come to a similar conclusion lately. I can't do Weight Watchers again, I cant pay $12 a week to weigh in somewhere when I've done it all before and I cant recreate that motivation. I cant do diets, I can't eat just this or that and I cant starve myself.

If you didn't read the article, Oprah had an author, Geneen Roth, on her show.
"The show began with Roth disclosing her two most important breakthroughs:

1. Do not diet. Dieting leads to self hatred and self loathing -- making you feel crazy about yourself.
2. Your relationship with food -- rather than being the curse and rather than being the thing you want to get rid of -- is itself the doorway to the life you most want."

I couldn't agree more with #1, since I never succeed at a diet I never feel good about it, I feel like a fat loser that apparently has no will power and has an unhealthy obsession with food.

Of course after being mentioned on Oprah the book is sold out and for some reason is not available on the Kindle so I searched to see if anything by her was and yes! I come across a book called Breaking Free from Emotional Eating. After reading the introduction and the first chapter I'm just blown away.(you can sample that much on the amazon page) Everything down to someone describing their "weight watchers mentality" I was just like thats me! I'm reading the right book. Anywho it has exercises in it and I'm a little bit scared, but I'm going to start the first one tomorrow and I'll be writing about it on my weight loss blog. I'm really excited to delve into this...I quit drinking , I quit smoking, but I can't quit food. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to not think about food so much, what would I do with the time? just like if you give up a pack of cigarettes I suppose, where do all those those 3-5 min. go? except with food it totally runs my life a majority of the time. If I'm not thinking about food, then I'm thinking about not eating, how long it's been, how much longer I can go ect.  Ok, until tomorrow....

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