Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cat Love

Today I started reading Geneen Roth's The Craggy Hole in My Heart and The Cat Who Fixed It. When I found it the title resonated with me, and of course the book is wonderful. I wanted to share 2 old livejournal entries, 1 from the day after I got Guppy and 1 from his first birthday (Ed was an animal control officer for a year):

My little Elvis [20 Aug 2002|01:56pm]
[ mood | grateful ]
I am proud to present Elvis the newest member of our little family. His Mom abandoned him and he is around 7-10 days old( so he is a Leo just like me :).his eyes just started opening this morning.Luckily i have experience with raising very young kittens. i feel so complete. he will be relying on me to feed him empty his bladder and bowels for a few more weeks. i couldn't be happier. he is a little love bug and wants nothing more than to sleep in my hand and suckle on my fingers, I am in love.

Happy Gotcha day Guppy !!! [19 Aug 2003|03:18am]
Ed rescued and brought me Guppy a year ago today. He was so tiny with his eyes still shut. We didn't have a heating pad so I would stay up all night with him in my sweatshirt so he wouldn't be cold. I remember when Ed called me from the road and told me to come outside the apartment. He showed me all the kitties and I asked him pleeasse could I take a kitten to raise and find it a home when it was old enough. He told me we wouldn't get a cat when we moved into the apartment. I thought it was odd that he would be just stopping by to show me some kittens since it not a rare thing. When the dispatcher told him about the call there were only 6 kittens documented and there ended up being 7.I had been holding the healthiest looking calico girl but we both wanted a boy. I couldn't really choose, I mean how could I say this is the best one that gets to live. I just grabbed one saw it was a boy and took him inside. Ed had to go back to work so he left. I relieved his bladder first thing then made sure he was safe in a box and set out for petsmart on my bike. I had 20 bucks left over from my birthday luckily. I bought a big can of powdered FMR formula and a bottle. I raced back home and fixed some milk. He didn't take to it right away but I remember when he first finished half a bottle and pooped! I was overjoyed. Even though he was only a week old I had to give him a bath, he was filthy and had fleas all over him. I bathed him twice in 2 days and got rid of him. I wanted to name him Elvis so badly, I like Elvis but it was mostly just stuck in my brain because it was the umm 25th? anniversary of his death and they had been showing it on the news 24/7. Ed would not have it though and we finally settled on Guppy, which of course is thee most perfect name for him. I love him so much and could not imagine what I would do if he wasn't here. He makes my life more complete. He is my precious lil goobers that helps fill the hole in my heart. Happy birthday Guppy. I ♥ you.

Having Moxie in my life makes me so very happy too. She is the opposite of Guppy, she is more like a little dog. She's very vocal, she follows me everywhere waits for me while I shower,cook, or wash dishes. Guppy is a lot less needy so she definitely makes up for that :) 

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