Thursday, June 17, 2010

double yawn!

Me,mom,sis,jackie, and all 3 bubs went swimming today! I used to be so brave about jumping in but i was very slow today and I didn't even get my hair wet, I didn't really want blue running down my face anyway. Baby Jack loves the water, Acacia is all about it, but surprisingly Eli , the daredevil, is very unsure. He preferred to stand on the first step and splash me. What I love even more than swimming is the feeling afterwards, so so relaxed. Ooo and this evening mom and sis came over and we finally got to watch the premiere of True Blood :D

Tommy is showing Super Meat Boy at E3 right now! People looove it, it's funny to watch videos of people playing that aren't pressing run so they dive right into a saw. Imagine playing Mario and not run jumping to get to the flag...waaah waah. Apparently this is a good year, I want the xbox kinect for the new dancing game and I'll take a 3DS too :) but seriously you know what I would take over any gimmicks? Good games!! co-op too please!

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Origami_potato said...

Nintendo's keynote at E3 had me crying with nurdy tears. <3
The 3DS has me curious, especially since they're going to re-release Zelda's Ocarina of Time for it. Mmm..

And co-op games, yes please! I'm not all that great at them, but I do enjoy helping rather than just watching. :P