Wednesday, June 09, 2010


 I'm having a bad allergy headache, but it's my own fault. I borrowed this crazy tool from our neighbors. It's like a chainsaw weed whacker thing. It's so awesome! The weeds grew super fast and they were taller than the fence and completely covering my bike. Now there's a ginormous pile in the our yard since our apartment doesnt supply us with a green waste bin, sooo I will have to wait till they get all dead and crunchy and throw em in the garbage. I feel horribly inconsiderate doing that since right now it looks as though it would take up the whole bin, but we all have too so oh well.

Also 5 loads of laundry, organizing and refolding of clothes and a big giveaway pile, mostly t-shirts that I've held onto for ,what feels like,sentimental reasons. There aren't any but I couldn't let em go before...I dunno, I'm weird...

I'm almost done with a new batch of Meat Boy's and Bandage girls. I doubled the amount , this time there are 20 boys and 10 girls.

I got my Moon Bun and Bumble Bee in the mail yesterday and I looove them! I'm naming my bun Lavelle :) We walked to the laundry mat to steal their quarters muwahaha! and Lavelle came with.

Ed on the phone with Microsoft  or Tommy for most of the afternoon *gabgabgab*

Oh oh! we watched  a movie called Dog Tooth last night, it was weeeird, but good.


bitofeye said...

wow, very cute. I love them all super cute, the bummy also cute.
hope you get well soon

Anonymous said...

Oooo I'm diggin' the new layout. Looks very nice :)