Friday, June 18, 2010

Party Owl Brooch Giveaway!

I had so much fun with my first giveaway last month, that I want to try and make it a monthly thing. It brought me awesome new readers and I even sometimes get comments, which make me happy, like I'm not talking to myself :)
Party Owl Brooch Giveaway!
The same rules apply:
  • Leave a comment telling me what your favorite part of summer is.
  • Include your e-mail so i can get a hold of you, even though you should check back next week!
  • Anyone can play (International!)
  • Tweet this giveaway,blog it, or both, leave a link in the comments and get an extra entry per link.
  • Comments close at 12am pst on june 24th-I'll use to pick a winner.


Ladybastard said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww here I am!!
love this blog and love your giveaways!
well, the best part of summer for me is: FREE TIME!
I love to spend time with my boyfriend and friends!
walkin in the sun! *___*
love u

my email is:

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of Summer is watching all the bright colors come out :D
watching the weather do it's thing; and, walking on west cliff beach in SANTA CRUZ CA, when i can.
Your owl is too cute!! I am assuming during the summer he likes to flaunt his feathers and his super cool star button.

my email:

Claire said...

Barbeques outside with friends and family are a mandatory tradition every Summer with my lot. Eating outside in Winter just isn't the same LOL

MarySew said...

aww, how cute! <3
what I love most about summer are those hot sommer nights you spent outside with your friends, having a BBQ and just having fun <3
email: Trisha 81 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

MarySew said...

I re tweeted
(I had to make a screenshot,linking does not work with RT)

Meowypants said...

Summer = Fresh strawberries by the bucketfull :D

Anonymous said...

This is lovely :)
I think what I like best in the summer is the weather. I know sometimes it looks like you're going to melt but still I love the heat, and eating an ice-cream or drinking some fresh drink in the sun

LadyLamb.handmades (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I tweeted about it.

Ana Camamiel said...

Wonderful brooch!
My favourite part of summer is when I´m on holiday! The weather is unbearable in my city (Madrid, Spain), but I love having a cold draught beer with my friends at night in outdoor bars.

Anonymous said...

Would love a brooch like that!
I've got to say my favourite part of summer is simply the way the warmer weather and longer days make everyone seem more positive about daily life :)


Sabrina said...

Hey Danielleorama,
I've been following your blog for a few days and just found out about your giveaway. It's gorgeous! So I try to enter and think of what I like best about summer.
It's a tough one because I love everything about it. The warm weather, the sun, the thunderstorms, getting a tan, eating ice-cream. But I guess what I love most about it is being able to go swimming every single day (without having to be stuck in an indoor swimming pool).
(I put my email in the URL box, so you shoulb be able to see it by clicking on my name - just trying if it works...).
Have a nice summer!
xo Sabrina

Saskia said...

Oooh.... lovely, cute brooch!!! So happy I discovered your great, creative blog!!

The candy is at my yummy candy-bar! :)

Sweet greetings, Saskia

Anonymous said...

I'm a fairly new reader! I've seen your stuff before, but I didn't know you had a blog. It's funny because I've been hearing about Super Meat Boy for a good long while now and to know that's your husband, well you're one kick ass couple!

Oh! And my favorite thing about summer is sitting out in the backyard, listening to all the birds and cicadas.

Van said...

My favorite part of summer is...LOOONG leisure days at the beach. But really, I love all of summer. ALL of it!

my e-mail:

Love the brooch, as soon as I sell some stuff, I shall invest in some of your art. It's gorgeous!

thieving_pirates said...

oh i want him!!!!! so cute:)
my favorite part of summer is the week long vacation we take at the beach-nothing but fun, sun and sandcastles:)

Jamie said...

Hi ma'am!

Ummm favorite thing about summer, um, that it's Summer? I just like it because it's a good season. So there. :P

E-mail address:
And I totally posted this on facebook:!/iheart2embalm
and twitter:

cinda r said...

my favourite part of summer is getting to wear adorable dresses and flip flops!

your blog is super cute <3



Amy said...

I love your blog! Your creations are just so cute. :)
It's actually a tie for my favorite part of summer. It would either have to be all the rain, or BBQ's. I love the gloomy weather, when it's chilly out and you can curl up inside with a book or a project. And I love BBQ's to just relax with friends and good food. :)

staci bell said...

How could I possibly pass up owning an original piece of your art <3 I didn't even realize you did another give away. I will link your blog in my facebook!

My favorite part about summer is definitely dusk, when fireflies start to come out and they blink simultaneously amidst the tall grass... my eyes usually strain to focus as it gets darker and darker but those little circles of light stay with me. :)

Natalie said...

Cuteness! My favorite part of summer is the swimming :) I normally don't like to swim but the first swim of the summer is always the best :)

DusaDelight said...

The best part of summer is the air conditioning! XD;

My email is:

Rennie said...

best part of summer is sno-cones -- oh yum!

I love the little dude he is to kewt!!

LaurenSmash said...

eeep! The best part about summer for me is my birthday in July! xoxo :)

Jen said...

just came across your blog and LOVE IT! everything is wonderfully cute! you rock!

my favorite part of the summer is definitely going to the farmers markets. i love just getting a bunch of things that i have never tried, then going home and experimenting!

hilary said...

Best thing about summer for me... I love the huge crazy flower gardens my husband planted, and frolicking in the stream in the woods with my Basset/Lab and hubbs :)

April Showers said...

This is the first time I have been on here. I gotta say that your plush toys are adorable.

Well, I got to say that my favorite part of Summer is the weather, hanging out with friends and eating some good food. I like getting to spend some time with the boyfriend when Gamestop doesn't consume his life. I also like doing all the adventurous things you can do when the weather is not too shabby.

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please!! I love the brooch!
The best part of summer for me is: Swimming pool every morning!!

Ana Belén R.M

Alix said...

My favorite part of summer is getting to wear cute dresses everywhere and not worry about getting cold!

my email is paramipanda {at}

Alix said...

I tweeted @paramipanda !

danyukhin said...
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danyukhin said...
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danyukhin said...

Haay it's this time again! Well, my favorite time of summer is when there are cottonwood fluffs all around for me to burn(PYROMANIA!!).
The email:
Now the promotion phase:
twit -
livejournal -

danyukhin said...

Oops, wrong twit! Tis be da one:

Dani said...

I love celebrating all of my family's summer Birthdays, including my own which happens to be on the 23rd!

Kristen Michelle said...

Soo Superprecious. (:
I adore... hardcore.

Kristen Michelle said...

I love all of summer, especially swimmin in the sun (:

Manda Tarr said...

My favorite part of summer is when the rainy season comes... I live in Florida, and when it rains it REALLY rains. I like to go outside right before the storm and take photos of the incoming dark clouds. They take over the whole sky, and you never know what colors are going to show up... Then I like to go out after wards and feel the cool puddles on my bare toes, and watch the sun come back out :)

Courtney Lynn said...

I absolutely love love LOVE sitting on the swing in my jungle of a back yard, listening to amazing life changing music, eating a bomb pop and contemplating all the things that I want to do with my life. (it's a dreamer's haven!)
(my name is Courtney Lynn :] )

Tommunism said...

The Jews.

AJ said...

That is sooo adorable!
My favorite part of summer is...POOL PARTIES! I love swimming :D


drin said...

My favorite part of summer is laying on the dino blanket in the corner of the park down the block from my house, across the lake, with a couple of friends and a couple of beers. And just laying around talking until it gets too dark or too cold.

Megan said...
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Megan said...

0o0o ADORABLE! My favorite part is floating on the river and home made raspberry lemonade!


Pooky said...

My favorite part of summer is playing with all my insect friends!

polytocous at gmail dot com.

Tee* said...

Favorite part of summer? BBQs with family and friends, bonfires, bike rides.
email: compendium.of.cute[at]gmail[dot]com

cameracrazychick said...

The best part of summer? Warm evenings, cool drinks, lazy barbecues where the men do all the cooking! Unfortunately though it is winter where I am (NZ). Brrrrrr. Love your blog, thanks for the neat competition!

cameracrazychick said...

oops, forgot to leave email! dazbeck(at)xtra(dot)co(dot)nz

Hugs, Beck

Mika-Chan said...

I love swimming in summer...

blog (tumblr) post:


email: mkbacko(at)yahoo(.)com

ali said...

my favorite time of the summer is when i go to ny♥
my email:

tweet: !


Megan Beth said...

okay, so apparently my comment didn't go through =(
but i said something about loving owls, and animals, and cute
and my favorite thing(s) about summer is/are late night thunderstorms, watching lightning bugs, listening to the cows moo from my open window, and vacation!

TilliEllie said...

Ooo.. I love your plushies! This giveaway is so exciting!

I love the long summer days and the visiting Carnivals. This really is a magical season.

My email address is:


TilliEllie said...

I blogged about your giveaway. :)
You can check it out here:


Екатерина said...

Hi! I love going hiking in the forests and being one with nature(at least for some time) and spending time with my friends and family=) my mail is

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