Thursday, July 01, 2010

Corey Feldman at the boardwalk!

Sorry for the lack of presence :/  I recently stopped taking birth control (no, not for babies) and I'm still readjusting, feeling down sometimes, a little foggy etc. So when I go to post, I'm kinda blank. So that's whats been up. We went to the Boardwalk today, Corey Feldman's band, yes his band :D, The Truth Movement was playing on the beach with a meet and greet and a showing of The Lost Boys following.

By the time he came out I was already feeling a lil sun burnt so I really didn't want to stand through an entire concept album....I did however recognize his now ex-wife, Suzie, from the Two Corey's show. I got a pic with her and she was sooo extremely nice, also their kid is pretty adorable. An almost awkward moment happened after the picture was taken , she asked if we were leaving already :x it was right after the first song....she didn't seem to think it was rude, she probably thinks he's a joke too...right? Anyway it's pretty much like I've met Michael Jackson, so I'm happy :D


James Id said...

The picture with the cops makes me think you were threatening to tear out Feldman's heart and consume it to gain his power.

Please tell me this was the case.

Trash by Trashlee said...

Well im officially a blogger now... be good if i knew how to use this thing.. Lets hope i can make my page look decent like yours at some point ahhaha.

claire said...

Corey Feldman!!!!!