Monday, July 12, 2010

Pretty much :)

Swap with BeeFranck!!!

I was lucky enough to do a swap with the awesome and talented BeeFranck. I asked for a phrase from a Natalie Dee cartoon that I thought fit me. It is now one of my prized possessions. I love it so, like many expletives, wanna squeeze it but I might break it, love it! I can't wait till I can hang it in our future house and not this poop hole :)

I'll show you what I made for her as soon as she gets it.

Thank you so much Bridget!

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Kitty Stampede said...

this is AMAZING!!! lucky you. i need one.

glad to find your blog. you seem cool. ^-^

Meowypants said...

Where do you organise your swaps through? (or is it just personal friends?) I'm keen on getting involved with some swaps with crafty people.