Saturday, July 31, 2010

Things I'm loving

Last Tuesday, the morning I woke up for my fat analysis app.,inside my shoulder hurt horribly. It wasn't a sore muscle and I could barely move it up and down. Ed had to help me get dressed and put my hair back, which reminded me of those kids with wonky bumpy ponytails that you know their dad must have done :) Anyway I went to my fat thing in pain, didn't learn anything new really, I need to lose 20lbs for a start to be a healthier 180 , then get to 160.  One good thing though is i'm not as much "unhealthy fat" as I thought I was. On the scale I'm right at the beginning of grade 1 obese and with a lot of hard work I can be overweight! Ha!

The next day we went to the Dr. since my shoulder wasn't any better, I was worried that I can inflamed something and made it worse since I totally expected to go to bed and wake up tip top :/ Sooo I hurt my rotator cuff, it's almost better now, the only time it hurts is taking of a t shirt. I'll start back at the gym tomorrow, I want August to be awesome, it's my new year! Once I'm totally healed I can start doing exercises to strengthen that area so it hopefully wont happen again.

I'm thoroughly in love with The Thornbirds<3 I have never had such a short break in between awesome books. I was looking though things people who bought Lonesome Dove purchased and the name seemed vaguely familiar so I went to the page and it said people who purchased The Thornbirds purchased Gone With The Wind! and yes I looove it. I'm glad I have something to get sucked into because I decided to go back on birthcontrol and I feel like I'm in a cloud kinda like when I was coming off it. I didn't really give it a fair shot but we are just not that careful, even though we have good intentions, and I really don't want to get pregnant.

Hopefully more sewing and such soon once my head is back to normal :3

p.s. There are new kindles that are slightly more affordable, I highly recommend them, I love love mine.

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