Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I feel a lil braind dead so how bout some pictures :)



This is my super awesome custom made birthday present! A replacement for my wedding ring,I loved the rough black diamond ring and asked for a matching band with 2 champagne diamonds on either side. I love having a one of a kind ring. Even Ed really likes it and he usually doesn't have much to say about jewelry.  I highly recommend this shop, the seller was just great all around.

Flowers from Sis<3

My sister stopped by last night and brought me my favorite flowers, cuz she's awesome<3 She also gave me my other bday present, behold!

bday present from sis!

a few new chubby guys! Ed says they should be called skeezer,beezer, and wheezer, but i'm not sure who's who :)

chubs :D

I wont be around for the rest of this week most likely, but I'll see you next week<3


Heather said...

Oh! I love the ring!!! I've been looking into custom made wedding rings myself, so I'll definitely go check it out!

Katybeth said...

hoooly crap the fabric on the chubby cats belly is awesome!