Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm alive!

I'm feeling better than I have in a while at the moment and I'm hoping tomorrow I'll get back to going to the gym,updating my weight loss tumblr, sewing,taking photos, and updating this blog. That would be nice. Here's what's been keeping me entertained:

Something wonderful that happened this week was I finally found my best friends from 7th grade that i have been searching for on various social sites for years, Kimberly and her sister Lana. We were inseparable for a year before i changed schools and i have so many good memories from that time. That was the year that i discovered music,makeup, and chopped my hair off. we would ride the light rail every day, loiter at the mall,do mad libs, stay up late watching music videos, lay on this grassy hill and watch the planes fly over headed towards the san jose airport. Boys weren't a huge thing yet and we'd rather hang out and talk about them than ditch each other for em, that's a precious time, before the opposite sex takes over your brain.


Seeing in colour said...

How cool are those old photos! I look back at photos when i was younger and i looked like a dipstick.

I might jump on the wonder years bandwagon!

cb said...

have you finished reading mockingjay yet? i heard it was amazing! i am almost done with the book i am currently reading and plane on running to the bookstore to get the last of the series! i am going to be soo sad when i done reading...this is one of my favorite series in a long time!!


Danielleorama said...

cb- I've actually been reading outlander more and have only read 2 chapters of mockingjay for some reason, i guess i dont want it to be over and it definitely will be after that... but i will soon! Have you read The Host?