Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's official!

A release date! This means it's almost done! Not that all the work will be done, there are still releases on other systems,press stuff,etc. but it wont be crazy 24/7 like it is now. Oh you guys!...this has been a crazy experience, I'll be so glad when it's over and I get my husband back. I'll victoriously drag his pasty, atrophied body outside and do a dance<3 Oh god, now that I've thought about it what if things get scarier when it's over??

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

haha...how funny...was just reading Dainty Squid at lunch and it was a pleasant surprise to see a comment on there from you! like running into your friend at the mall! haha...<3

~Laura PinkFont ;)

cb said...

has your hubby been on game making mode? my brother is almost done with a game he is putting out for the ipad and my hubby did all the art, boy has it been non stop!! i am sure it will be good scary when it is over!!


Danielleorama said...

cb- we call it crunch mode/time over here :) What is the game? and good luck!