Wednesday, October 06, 2010

2 awesome things! YES!

Hey all! Sorry for not updating much, we've been busy hanging out, watching movies and playing Plants vs. Zombies (on xbla) :D we got tattoos on Monday, I was all ready to get fishgirl on my inner right bicep to kick off my "under water" arm, but I was really not looking forward to getting that spot done! Luckily I was bringing in stuff to have on hand that I want in the future, this jigglypuff picture was on of them. I am! so so beyond pleased with it, like when I got my hello kitty, it is just better than I coulda hoped for! I love it!  And it was very appropriate since our 11 year anniversary was the next day and the very first thing ed gave me was a plush jigglypuff keychain, he said her big blue eyes reminded him of me<3 I was gonna do a mushy anniversary post but all I couldy think of was one simple thing, he makes me happy. Every day, maybe not the  entire day sometimes ;) but mostly and what more could you really ask for than that....he's also funny,romantic,generous,sensitive,gorgeous,kind, and brilliant, those are pluses!



For our actual anniversary we went to the Toyota dealership and got a new car! I love the truck but in the end it sucked,poor thing. For 8 months I've been crawling in through the driver's side and for longer than that we haven't been able to go very far distances for fear that it would break down. Here is a picture of ed showing off our upgraded vynal window with strong gorrilla tape. This was like a luxury compared to the piece of plastic it had before.

Annnd here is our new car a Prius 3,not our pictures but it's so pretty I wanted to show you good ones and not my crappy phone pic.

It's so so nice having a new car, we've never had power locks or windows and it's got way more fancy pants stuff than just those features, it doesnt have a key!! you press a button!

Ok! that's it for now, I have a ton of super meat boy stuff to package *yawn*

Oh p.s.! Checkout the photo *Ana Camamiel* made of the reformed movie monsters I made her, it cracks me up a lot :D

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MarySew said...

oh wow, the tattoo looks so great! the jigglepuff is adorable, too :D