Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holy moly!

I need to beat the game so I can get my lil meat boy buddy to run around me :D

Fetus me :)
That's fetus me in the hospital chapter!

  • Lots of documentary stuff going on the past two days.
  • I might have tmj, my jaw hurts and wont open very far :/ clenching my teeth while I sleep I guess.
  • Holy shit the game is out right now!
Holy crap you guys!


Seeing in colour said...

Heck yes... your featured in the game as a fetus .... is it weird to say im totally jealous of your fetus status?!

Im so excited for you both through all this.... Super Meat Boy will rock on....

If i had an Xbox id play it :(

Meowypants said...

Yay SMB is out in Australia today!! I'm telling everyone to get it.

Van said...

I can't wait to play Super Meat boy! So unique, I miss these kinds of games!