Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy 2011!

Wow! what a crazy year. This year should be super excellent and crazy too...but in a good way. Last year was crazy in a very stressful way. Ed is trying to relax and recover from working his brain to pulp while creating an amazing game that is at the moment winning a ton of awards, if you're following gaming websites you know what i'm talking about. I took a bit of a break from sewing after the xmas rush in Ed's shop and getting Tammy. Last night was the first night I sewed in weeks and it felt so good! For nye Tera came over and we watched Birdemic and sewed. She made circle scarves and I started my plush for the January 11th Plush Team tiny tuesday shop update. Real quick before I forget my Etsy/flickr/swap friend Cassie aka TalkProof is on the cover of this issue's Stuffed! That was just super exciting to see, it looks amazing!

I am back to blogging, I looked back at last January and I gave it such a good go, so really I'm back! I hate trying to catch up and piece together everything that's happened so I'll just go from here and you can take a look through my photostream , that might fill in some gaps.

 Brownie brownies!

 Tera made us brownies, and brought us handmade xmas gifts! We love them<3
"Yes yes yes I'm sooo cute!"

I also took these last night :)

 Lookit that fuzzy winter tail!

Tammy is just amazing. She is everything you could possibly want if  you love cats, aren't ready for a baby, and  your husband doesn't like dogs. She is very much a baby.She is aaaalways with me, right now she's in the crook of my arm asleep. Guppy doesn't really care for her yet but he's acting totally normal so thats good and Moxie has awesome and loves to play with Tammy. Now we just need to move because we have seriously outgrown our apartment, we're at CATpacity....har har har.

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