Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hi! We moved.

I've lost close to 10lbs but I wiped the slate clean at 199 lbs. when I went back with my mom and sis 4 weeks ago. So since then I've lost 3.8 I hope to make it to 5 by next tuesday :D

We're still moving junk out of our old place, we have a huge amount of stuff going to the dump tomorrow, but we're pretty much all moved in here. My awesome desk from Ikea comes on Thursday! Moving was sudden and all the loose ends + trying to get our taxes done :x  We signed a 6 month lease and we should buy this year but the idea of moving again sounds hoooorrible! Anyway I can't handle a catch up post but I've been keeping up with  project 365 and if you wonder whats been going on that's a pretty good way to tell :)


nova said...

I really like your blue hair. :)

LaurenSmash said...

your bangs look AWESOME!! xoxo